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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is legal to bet on sports in a licensed sportsbook casino and a legal provider of sports betting. There is however the possibility that legislation on a national level can prevent you from legal betting on sports online. This could be because betting in your country is prohibited or you have not yet reached the legal age for gambling and betting. Make sure that you know for sure you are allowed to bet on sports legally in your country to prevent issues in the future. 

  • Can I gamble on sports online?

    To gamble on sports online you will need a working phone or desktop computer and an internet connection. Furthermore, you will need to have access to a valid payment method and a registered bank account to your name. Please be informed that we cannot pay you if you are not of the legal age for gambling or gamble from a country in which sports betting is prohibited.

  • How does sports betting work?

    To start betting on sports online, you will have to fill in the registration form and confirm your account. If you want to place a bet and claim your free bet, you have to make a deposit on the deposit page. Now when you are ready and set, the fun part begins! In the sportsbook you can search for the sport and the match you want to place your bet on. You can bet on the outright winner or make a bet on another event during the match (for instance which players score the most goals). Odds of 2.1 mean that you will receive 2.1x your stake if your prediction holds true. If you want to collect your winnings, simply request a withdrawal.

  • How does placing sports bets work?

    Once you are on the bookmaker’s website, you click on a bet. That bet appears on your betslip, where you also choose the value of your bet. Besides those regular bets on the first page, there are sometimes up to hundreds of other bets available for a match.

  • How do I win with sports betting?

    You win with sports betting by combining discipline with choosing the best bets. Finding the right bets requires research, knowing what information is important, and experience.

  • What circumstances should I consider when betting on sports?

    The conditions that matter vary by sport. For football, weather conditions are of limited importance, while in horse racing they are incredibly important. This is one of the reasons you should bet on sports you know or are familiar with.

  • How do I limit losses with sports betting?

    Discipline especially helps in preventing losses. The most important thing to limit losses with sports betting is to bet only on the best games.

    This means doing research beforehand, not betting on sports you are not familiar with, and never playing to make up for your losses. These measures ensure that you play consciously, avoiding bets that give much lower odds of winning.

  • What makes a good sports betting site?

    A good betting site or sportsbook offers good odds, numerous sports events to bet on and good bonuses. But that is just a start. You want your money to be safe, that is why you want to play on a SSL-Encrypted sports betting site.

    You also want to make sure the sportsbook you play on is licensed and that they offer payment methods available to you. Last but not least, you want a betting site to offer a great experience on any device.