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Understanding Online Poker Bonuses

They say the best things in life are free and, when it comes to poker, things aren’t any different. While we all strive to become the best poker players we can be, nobody is averse to receiving a little bit of help every now and again. In fact, without a loan or a timely handout, some of the richest businessmen in the world wouldn’t be where they are today.

Although it’s fair to say that the online poker world isn’t exactly paved with free cash, there certainly are a number of ways in which you can boost your bankroll with very little effort. Online poker bonuses are the gifts that keep on giving. From being a virtual leg up for aspiring poker players, to giving regular grinders a way to make a residual income, poker bonuses are a great way for everyone to make some free cash when they ante-up online.

However, to fully harness the power of an online poker bonus, you need to know what’s out there and, importantly, how you can get your hands on it. As with all things in life, offers expire and, as generous as online poker sites can be, they aren’t in the business of throwing away cash. So, the one thing you need to bear in mind when you’re shooting for a cash poker reward is: make sure you grab it all before it floats away.

OK, so now you know that online poker sites have free cash on offer and that you need to get it in a timely manner, the final thing to outline is the type of poker bonus offers you’ll find in the virtual realm.

Non-Deposit Bonus: This reward is the most attractive in the online world because it is risk free. To claim a non-deposit bonus, you simply have to create a real money poker account using a special sign-up link. Once your credentials have been verified, a nominal amount of money (usually around $10-$20) is then credited to your account and will be instantly available to bet with.

Deposit Bonus: One of the most lucrative offers you can claim when you join an online poker room is a deposit bonus. Usually a multiplier of your deposit amount (a cap is usually placed on deposit bonuses), this deal is, unsurprisingly, unlocked when you make your first deposit at a new site. For example, if an online poker room was offering a 100% deposit match up to a maximum of $600 and you deposited $400, you’d receive a bonus of $400 ($400 x 100% = $400).

One thing to note about deposit bonuses is that you won’t get the money all at once. Once you unlock one of these offers, the cash will be placed into a special “bonus vault” and then released in increments (usually around $5) each time you meet certain wagering thresholds.

Reload Bonus: If deposit bonuses are reserved for new players, then reload bonuses are for existing members. Operating in exactly the same way as deposit rewards, reload rewards essentially match a player’s new deposit (made during a promotional period or using a special code) with a bonus amount. As with deposit bonuses, reload cash is released in stages as certain point thresholds are met.

Loyalty Rewards: The final type of online poker bonus you can get once you’re an established player is VIP rewards. Given to players based on the amount they play, these deals often consist of free tournament tickets, branded merchandise and luxury gifts. The main premise behind VIP rewards is that players earn points based on the amount they stake and these points can then be used to purchase bonuses.

Overall, the world of poker bonuses is one that’s as varied as the types of players who seek them. Each online poker site will offer a different selection of rewards and it’s your job to collect all the ones that suit you and your style of play. As long as you remain active during any open bonus, you’ll find that they are highly lucrative and a great way for you to boost your bankroll with very little effort.

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