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Masters of innovation For 10 years, BetOnline has been one of the premier places at which to place wagers on sport. Not only is it experienced, but it is also one of the most innovative betting companies found on the web. In 2009, the company set out to place and accept the first bet from…

Final review 2.5 / 5.0

Masters of innovation

For 10 years, BetOnline has been one of the premier places at which to place wagers on sport. Not only is it experienced, but it is also one of the most innovative betting companies found on the web.

In 2009, the company set out to place and accept the first bet from the summit of Mount Everest. Although they weren’t able to place a bet from the summit, they did manage to place a bet from “Base Camp 4”, some 26,000 feet above sea level. The bet itself was a winner!

The Everest bet sums up BetOnline in a nutshell; they push things to the limits and are always looking for new innovative ways to improve their clients’ overall betting experience.


There is nothing innovative with the homepage. It is there solely to serve a purpose by directing you to one of the four arms of BetOnline. With a click of the mouse, you can instantly be transported to the sportsbook, casino, poker room and the horses.


As you would expect with an American company, line betting is their forte. The layout of the sportsbook is nice and simple, exactly the way you want it to be. The open markets are found on the left-hand pane, and by clicking on one of these markets the respective betting events will appear in the centre bar. Simple!

With regards to American sports, they offer both collegiate and professional football and basketball, whilst also offering markets for baseball, martial arts, softball and lacrosse.

European based sports also feature. They have 26 different soccer leagues for customers to bet on, while they also have markets for sports such as cricket, rugby and golf.

On the sportsbook you can also gain access to the stats centre and sports schedules amongst other things.


BetOnline does not feature any European races, but there is more than enough action in America to satisfy. With over 20 courses on offer, you should be able to find a winner!

If you are uncertain about American horse betting there is a free horse pick option located directly above the racebook. Clicking on it will take you through to a tips section, which also offers free tips on other sports as well.

Directly next to the free horse picks is an option that takes you through to the racing general info. Here you can check the ground, distance, and jockeys.


It is a very complete casino that BetOnline offers. They have a variety of slots for you to play and all of the table games that you would expect to find in a casino, as well as the hugely popular live casino. All of these are very easy to find; this is due to the tile layout the site uses, making it harder to miss your game than it is to see it.


You can choose to download BetOnline’s poker room, but you can play without it. If you look to the right once you are on the poker section, you can see which tournaments are running throughout the day.

BetOnline also have a freeroll poker tournament. These run hourly and attract up to 3000 players all competing for the cash prize. The site also has different variants of poker to appease all types of player.

The poker section also gives you tips and hints as to how to better your game.

Deposits and withdrawals

Betonline accepts all major debit and credit cards, but they must be international cards; American cards will not work. PayPal and other online payment services also work.

With regards to withdrawals, for those outside North America, your funds will be in your bank account within three to five working days.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my personal information handled securely?

    US Betting Guide values its customers highly. Therefore, they will always keep personal data confidential. Casinos have well-secured systems. These always encrypt information. There are also several firewalls active which ensure that the system is watertight and cannot be hacked.

  • Does the Casino have the necessary licences from a certified government body?
    US Betting Guide is required to state on their website which licence and regulator they fall under. US Betting Guide must also provide the address details where the company is registered. If you cannot find anything about this, it probably means that the necessary licences are missing!
  • What independent reviews can you find about the Casino on the internet?
    On the internet, everyone shares good and bad experiences. If US Betting Guide doesn’t play by the rules, you’ll always read about it somewhere. Not all reviews on US Betting Guide out there are positive. You’ll however find expert reviews from experienced editors when doing some Googling yourself! So you can make up your own opinion.
  • What software does the casino use?
    The software used is an important part of US Betting Guide –  security against hackers, for example. It can’t hurt to take a look at the terms & conditions to see what software is used. So you know you’re in the right place.
  • What payment options are available?

    US Betting Guide offers a whole list of payment options to make it as easy as possible for customers. However, pay attention to whether a payment option also allows you to cash out and whether our payment options also apply to your region!

  • Are they open about their security?

    In general, the more information the better. US Betting Guide are proud of our security. US Betting Guide have invested in it and will mention it. In general, it does not necessarily mean that the security is bad if you do not find anything about it, but why take the risk?

  • What measures is the Casino taking against gambling addiction?

    As long as everything goes well, almost any casino is nice, but what if something goes wrong? Then it’s nice to get someone from the casino on the phone quickly to help you out. Even if you find that you cannot control your own playing behaviour, it is nice if the casino thinks along and helps. For more information on gambling addiction, take a look at our Play Responsibly pages.