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Bovada is an online bookmaker specialising in American sports betting. Born out of the ashes of Bodog, Bovada is the place to go for American sports betting.

Final review 2.5 / 5.0

The American Experts

Bovada is an online bookmaker specialising in American sports betting. Born out of the ashes of Bodog, Bovada boasts a 20-year history and is the place to go for American sports betting due to its emphasise on line betting.

Layout of the website

The homepage gives you the option of going through to their sportsbook, casino or poker room. We will focus on their sportsbook as that is their best feature.

Once you have entered the sports section of the site you will see the bonus box in the top centre. The bonuses on offer are extremely generous and enticing.

Underneath the bonus box you will see the top five betting lines that people are currently getting involved with. Some of these offer live betting.

After this, you will find their highlighted sports, and clicking on either will take you through to the respective betting pages. Here, you’ll be greeted to more line and live betting.

On the left hand side, you will come across their featured betting lines. Beneath this is a pane with links to all of the markets they currently have on offer, starting with American sports and working its way down to more European-focused betting markets such as soccer, horse racing and darts.

Over to the right you will see your betting slip.

Markets on offer

As aforementioned, Bovada specialise in American sports. Their Football sections allow you to bet on football lines, player props, team props and in-play in the NFL, College football, the CFL, Arena football and the UFL.

The same goes for basketball; you can place bets on the NBA, College basketball, WNBA, European basketball and ROW.

The baseball markets include the MLB, Collegiate baseball and the Japanese leagues. In summary, Bovada offer the most complete markets on American sport available on the web.

If you wanted to bet on more European based sports, then that is no problem. Bovada offer all the major European soccer leagues, as well as other more standard betting markets like tennis, boxing, golf, rugby etc.

However, it isn’t just major sports that they offer. They are one of the few sites that allow people to bet on wrestling, so if you have any tips as to the outcome of results then Bovada is where you should go. Besides sport, they also offer entertainment markets, in which you can bet on politics, television and celebrities.

Deposit and withdrawal

Bovada accept all major credit and debit cards and the funds should be in your account in a timely manner.

When it comes to withdrawals, they may ask you to complete a Credit Card Verification Form. However, due to their location and client base, withdrawals do not get sent to your bank account. Rather, they send you a cheque by courier, which takes between 4-7 days to arrive.

They also offer a Rapid Transfer option. With this option, you have to request a minimum of $100. If you do opt for this service, there is a charge: $20 for withdrawals between $100-$199; $30 for withdrawals of $200-$399; $45 for withdrawals of $400-$599 and $60 for withdrawals of $600-$750.


You can get in touch with the technical team at Bovada by ringing them or by submitting a form and sending it by email. They strive to respond to queries within four hours.



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  • Is my personal information handled securely?

    US Betting Guide values its customers highly. Therefore, they will always keep personal data confidential. Casinos have well-secured systems. These always encrypt information. There are also several firewalls active which ensure that the system is watertight and cannot be hacked.

  • Does the Casino have the necessary licences from a certified government body?
    US Betting Guide is required to state on their website which licence and regulator they fall under. US Betting Guide must also provide the address details where the company is registered. If you cannot find anything about this, it probably means that the necessary licences are missing!
  • What independent reviews can you find about the Casino on the internet?
    On the internet, everyone shares good and bad experiences. If US Betting Guide doesn’t play by the rules, you’ll always read about it somewhere. Not all reviews on US Betting Guide out there are positive. You’ll however find expert reviews from experienced editors when doing some Googling yourself! So you can make up your own opinion.
  • What software does the casino use?
    The software used is an important part of US Betting Guide –  security against hackers, for example. It can’t hurt to take a look at the terms & conditions to see what software is used. So you know you’re in the right place.
  • What payment options are available?

    US Betting Guide offers a whole list of payment options to make it as easy as possible for customers. However, pay attention to whether a payment option also allows you to cash out and whether our payment options also apply to your region!

  • Are they open about their security?

    In general, the more information the better. US Betting Guide are proud of our security. US Betting Guide have invested in it and will mention it. In general, it does not necessarily mean that the security is bad if you do not find anything about it, but why take the risk?

  • What measures is the Casino taking against gambling addiction?

    As long as everything goes well, almost any casino is nice, but what if something goes wrong? Then it’s nice to get someone from the casino on the phone quickly to help you out. Even if you find that you cannot control your own playing behaviour, it is nice if the casino thinks along and helps. For more information on gambling addiction, take a look at our Play Responsibly pages.