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See what happens when you repeat winomania as fast as possible. ‘Winomaniawinomaniawinomaniawinomania’, sounds like a good articulation exercise does not it? Well it is undoubtedly, but WinOMania is also an online casino! A casino that proves that you can choose whatever name you want when you choose a casino. The logo spells Win-0-Mania (“win zero…

Final review 4.0 / 5.0

See what happens when you repeat winomania as fast as possible. ‘Winomaniawinomaniawinomaniawinomania’, sounds like a good articulation exercise does not it? Well it is undoubtedly, but WinOMania is also an online casino! A casino that proves that you can choose whatever name you want when you choose a casino. The logo spells Win-0-Mania (“win zero mania”), which does not sound all that good … But that is not a good thing.

First Impression

WinOMania has made simplicity into an art. This casino is literally a one pager with pop ups. That is a first. Is it a bad thing? Actually, it really is not. It’s really hard to get lost here. The design is fresh and if you are in the blue WinOMania is really going to be your thing. Expect simplicity and you will not be disappointed. Expect anything more and chances are you will.

Games Collection

Anakatech and TwinOPlay are the relatively unknown providers of the software. You could say that the games are ‘home grown’. It is not quite clear what the payout percentages of the games are, but we were reassured that when players login they can all be 95%. We are counting about 50 slots and 10 scratch cards, with the latter being their ‘specialty’. We could not find any table games. A nice feature is that some games are ‘locked’ until you make a deposit, which really makes me want to deposit. Smart move AnakatechTwinOPlayWinOMania!

Bonuses & Promotions

Those three words that every casino player can appreciate: no-deposit bonus. No less than five pounds are handed to you on registration. That is not all, there is another 100% up to € 200 if you decide to deposit. Last but not least, you’ll get a bonus on your bonus or 60% on your second deposit. It’s a modest but attractive welcome package and fits this casino nicely. Nothing to crazy, but still very nice. Also, the 30x wagering is very acceptable!

Payment, Licenses & Support

We are kind of repeating ourselves here; there are not that much payment methods and the support is limited. Kind of what you expect from a casino or this size. They accept deposits made by credit cards and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller and Boku. The Live Chat pops up when it’s live, but the question is; when is it exactly live ?! Luckily there is the option to mail them and if you are in a hurry, there is a phone number. We do love some phone numbers when we feel like complaining!


Are we advising you to play on WinOMania? Well, not particularly. There are plenty of casinos out there that offer a better experience. That being said, we could imagine people being curious about the Anakatech games that you find nowhere else. So if you are boring the games you see everywhere, this might be a nice change of things.

Winomania Review

Ever experienced a mania? Look on Youtube for black friday content and you’ll know what mania is; it’s people going crazy! So when a casino is called WIN-O-MANIA we are expected to get our heads spinning over some crazy wins! Or should we read it as win-zero-mania and is the mania over not winning? Either way, this WinOMania Casino deserves a closer look. Will you get crazy here in a good way? Let’s find out!

First Impression

Visiting WinOMania is like visiting a modern art museum while being totally used to baroque. In other words: it is quite minimalistic. In other words: it is a pretty straightforward casino. That doesn’t mean it can’t be good, it just means that what you see is what you get. No unnecessary decorations here. The whole casino is basically a one pager with some pop ups, this does make it easy to use. New players that aren’t familiar with casinos will welcome this design approach!

Games Collection

Now this is an interesting one. There is a good chance you have never ever played any of the games offered on WinOMania! And I know a lot of the more experienced players reading this will start to protest, but believe me! The games come from the Anakatech and TwinOPlay development team, which is like their in house team. The games you find on this casino, you will only find on two or three other casinos. We couldn’t find the payout percentages, but the developers assured us that logging as a registered player does give this information and that the slots have a minimum of 95%. There are about 80 games in total, mostly slots and scratch cards. That isn’t a whole lot, but 80 new games is better than 500 ones you played before.

Bonuses & Promotions

There are three words that can make any casino player jump from his seat: no-deposit-bonus. So hold on to your seat, cause WinOMania has one! £5 right off the bat just for registering! If those five don’t last, you receive 100% up to £200 on your first deposit. And last but not least, there is another 60% on your second deposit as well! All this comes with a favorable rate of 30x wagering. Not bad, not bad at all!

Payment, Licenses & Support

The downside of a relatively small casino is that the facilities aren’t Champions League Material. In this case it means there are enough payment methods and support options, but there is no abundance. If that is something you can live with, than there is nothing stopping you from playing here! And with Skrill, Neteller, Boku, Credit Cards and Debit Cards there is still enough to choose from.


WinOMania might be small, but it does offer something unique. And we do love ourselves some unique features when playing on a new casino. They did a great job at teasing us with the £5 no deposit bonus and making certain games ‘secret’ and only accessible to registered players. If you are anything like us, you will at least register at WinOMania. No reason not to!



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