Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the US. US soccer leagues however are still miles behind the top leagues in the world: La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany) and of course the Premier League (England). We definitely recommend US fans to follow the Premier League (PL in short), as it’s the biggest, hardest and most exciting soccer league in the world. Since it’s often hard to get started with betting on the Premier League as a US citizen, we’ll show you how to do it.

  1. Learn the Top 6 teams in the Premier League. Here are the favorites to win the PL:
    1. Manchester United is the biggest club in England and won the most titles.
    2. Manchester City recently won 2 titles and are always in the top 3 in recent years.
    3. Chelsea won 2 out of the last 3 seasons, but are currently trailing around 4th place.
    4. Liverpool is historically England’s top team internationally, but haven’t won a PL since 1990. They’re in first place currently and might break their losing streak this year.
    5. Arsenal is historically just below the top 3 but can upset any team at any time, or even win the league.
    6. Tottenham Hotspur have never won a PL but have kept getting closer and closer in the last years. They’re bound to win one soon.
  2. Pick your favorite team. Of course you can just play for the money, but it’s way more fun to bet while rooting for your favorite PL team.
  3. Learn about your team’s rivalries. Soccer matches between rivals get heated. Those are the matches where every bettor goes all in on their team. A few examples:
    • Liverpool vs Manchester United is historically by far the biggest rivalry for the top team in England. Fans literally riot and brawl against rival fans.
    • Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur is the derby of North London. With two top clubs in the same proximity, tension ensues.
    • Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur simply hate each other. Chelsea absolutely delights in keeping Tottenham from the PL title. Who knows what will happen when they win their first.
    • Liverpool vs Everton is the Merseyside Derby of the city Liverpool. It’s a classic Red vs Blue derby for best club of the city.
  4. Find a Bookmaker that accepts US bettors. First, check if you’re in a state that allows online betting. If your state prohibits online betting, move on to bullet 5. If it’s legal, you gotta find a Bookmaker. We recommend 5Dimes, because it’s a very trusted Bookmaker with a wide range of available bets.
  5. If online betting is illegal in your area, you have to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This means you pay a small monthly fee to use a VPN app. If you turn on this app, you can tell any website you visit you’re from anywhere else in the world, for example from London. You can then safely visit any Bookmaker and pay and withdraw using a safe method like PayPal. We use HideMyAss ourselves and haven’t ever gotten in trouble. You can also use the VPN to hide your internet usage from other people..

Congrats, you are a Premier League bettor now! Meet you in the league!

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