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The Casino Bonus: Online vs. Live

If there’s one thing the online casino world does better than its live counterpart, it’s bonuses. Although major gaming destinations such as Las Vegas often offer a selection of free gifts to players (known technically as comps), these are, usually, reserved for high rollers. In contrast, virtual platforms are less discriminatory; in fact, the leading operators not only give novice players bonuses, but actively encourage these players.

In essence, a casino bonus, online as opposed to live, is designed to facilitate a player’s transition from a novice grinder to a seasoned pro. Following an initial injection of cash, Internet platforms continually lavish gifts on their users in the form of reload bonuses, free bets and VIP rewards. Although you have to jump through a series of hopes in order to get your hands on some free cash, the main thing you need to appreciate is that, when it comes to a casino bonus online, there’s a host of added value to be had.

To give you a greater sense of how online casino bonuses work and the differences between the virtual and live platforms, here’s a breakdown of the main rewards and how you can earn them:

Deposit Bonus vs. Golden Hello: In the virtual casino world, the initial reward you can take advantage of is the deposit bonus. Sitting in opposition to a golden hello often offered by live casinos to big spending players, online casino deposit bonuses are given to new players. The main premise is that a player makes a transaction and the amount they deposit is usually augmented by a multiplier (e.g. 100%). Essentially, this means newbies can double their bankroll just by joining a new site.

Free Bets vs. Free Credits: Another type of casino bonus sites often offer to players is free bets. Although these are usually reserved for established players, they are generally designated for specific games. For example, an online platform may give players $10 to play one of its slot machines. This cash can only be used on slots. In contrast, some live casinos will give punters free credits towards any table games they wish to play.

VIP Rewards vs. Comps: In the brick and mortar casino world the main way regular punters are awarded is through comps. Taking the form of free gifts, hotel rooms and meal vouchers, these gifts are usually given to established players. A casino bonus online takes a similar approach to this system; however, the gifts are available for everyone. Whether you spend a little or a lot, as long as you’re a consistent player you can unlock a slew of free cash.

If you’ve ever anted up in the live casino world, we suggest giving the virtual realm a whirl. Aside from offering a full roster of gaming options, online casinos contain a bevy of bonuses that make winning money easy for everyone.

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