Motor Racing Betting

Motor Racing Betting: How to Track a Winner

To become a successful sports bettor you need to be a master of observation, analysis and foresight. Regardless of the discipline you’re speculating on, the road to riches is always paved with a few simple concepts. One of these key skills is logic. Being able to take a range of information and make predictions as to the course of future events based on this data is something all professional gamblers are skilled at.

One sport where this skill is extremely important is motor racing. Betting on events such as Formula 1 requires the analysis of multiple pieces of data in order to predict the likeliest outcome of a race. Although the dynamics will often change, there are some constants when it comes to the skills needed to become a motor racing expert.
The Grid of Success

Two of the main things you need to consider when you’re betting on motor racing are the driver and the track. In-form drivers will often be a favourite with the bookies. However, their odds are usually low, which means your profit margin won’t be high. On top of this, you’ll find that the favourite is never guaranteed to win due to the turbulent nature of Formula 1 races.

One way to narrow down your racing picks is by looking at the start grid. Find a driver who is currently having a good season and see where they are on the starting grid. In some races this will be significant because the course will have very few overtaking opportunities. Indeed, tracks such as Monaco and Catalunya (the Spanish Grand Prix) are traditionally tough to overtake on and in recent years the winner has always started at the front of the grid.

Consider the Conditions

In contrast, if you’re sizing up the prospects in a race where the track is much wider, then you should be more willing to consider drivers who are in form but further down on the grid. Their form and the nature of the track should help them over the course of a long race.

F1 betting takes a lot more effort than simply betting on the driver at the head of the start grid. Different tracks offer different opportunities for different driving styles and you need to take all of this into consideration before you ante up. The best way to do this is to trace each driver’s performances over the last three years and note down the tracks they had success on and those they didn’t.

Doing this will give you a strong insight into their potential for success in the future. Once you know this, you can ante-up confident in the knowledge that your motor racing picks will have the best chance of earning you a healthy return.

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