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Darts Betting Strategy Tips

Darts may be a niche sport in comparison to the likes of football and horse racing, but over the last few years the industry has attracted a loyal following. Thanks to the influence of major figures in the world of sport and media, such as Barry Hearn and Sky Sports, darts has been transformed from a quiet backroom activity to an all out carnival of colour and arrows.

Today, modern darts tournaments, such as the PDC World Darts Championship, have become TV spectacles full of cheering, action and huge personalities. This transformation has allowed darts to enter the mainstream and, therefore, the mindset of canny gamblers across the world.

With more darts events taking place than ever, it’s now possible to speculate on your favourite marksmen every other week. Because of this, online bookmakers have responded by upping the amount of betting opportunities you can take advantage of.

However, as is the case when you step into any sports betting arena, you need to know what you’re doing before you ante-up. Because darts is still considered a niche sport it means there are ample opportunities to find some value, but only if you know where to look.

The following tips certainly won’t make you an instant darts betting champion, but they will give you a head start in the race towards financial freedom.

Top Darts Betting Tips:

Consider the format: Every darts event will boast a different format. Whether it’s short matches in the early stages or longer showdowns in the latter rounds, the style of game will favour certain players. For example, Phil Taylor is known as a grinding player who gradually wears his opponents down through constant pressure. Because of this, Taylor is a great long game player and is always worth a bet if the format suits. In contrast, younger players such as Michael van Gerwen prefer fast formats and shorter formats. Because of this, any time you want to bet on darts, make sure you consider the tournament’s format.

History vs. Form: Some darts players are perennial performers, but form will always play a part in their success. Few would argue with Phil Taylor being called the greatest darts player of all time, but not even he is immune to dips in form. At the start of any darts event, bookmakers will often favour the game’s established players when setting their odds. However, a player’s form in the previous event should be your main focus when placing a bet. If a relative unknown is playing unexpectedly well, then try to bet on them at the longest odds possible.

Do a 180: The final darts betting tip we can offer you is to think about 180s. Betting on the number of 180s in a match can be tough, but if you’re looking for the best value bets on the market you can often get some good prices on outsiders outscoring their opponents in terms of maximums. A winning player isn’t always the one who scores the most 180s in a match. In fact, most winners earn their victories by hitting their doubles. Because of this, it’s possible to find some attractive odds on the underdog scoring the most 180s.

Overall, darts betting can be a hugely profitable endeavour, but only if you know what you’re doing. Take some time to study our tips and think about the sport in a general sense before you rush off and start betting. Once you feel comfortable with what the game is all about, then you should scoop as many online bonuses as you can and start making more money from the world’s top marksmen.

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