Free Bets

Understanding Free Bets in the Online Gambling World

Everyone knows that in order to accumulate you need to speculate. In different walks of life this can mean different things, but in the betting world the way to make money from someone else is to risk some of your own.

This dynamic is one that’s true in the vast majority of situations in the online gambling world. However, it’s not always the case. Thanks to a little known benefit known as “free bets”, online gamblers can buck this need to speculate and accumulate some wealth for very little risk.

Of course, as with all things in life, these free bets aren’t readily available for everyone. However, if you understand the industry and know where to look, it’s possible to make a lot of money with very little effort.

Although it may sound like a misnomer, free bets are a reality in the online gambling industry and, to prove it, we’ve outlined the most common types you’ll find inside the virtual arena:

Welcome Bonus: This is a free bet or free cash given to a new player when they first join an online sportsbook.

Matched Bet: This type of free bet is one which is based on a punter’s previous wager. For example, if someone placed £10 on Manchester United to beat Arsenal then they would be given another £10 to bet on either the same game (via an in-play bet) or on another Premier League fixture.

No Lose Bets: Sometimes known as refund bets, no lose bets give punters the opportunity to get their stake back on certain sporting encounters. Although reserved for special occasions, this type of free bet is often a great way for someone to bet on an outsider with large odds but avoid the risk.

Seasonal Deals: Depending on the time of year or the sporting event in progress, many operators will offer seasonal free bets. For example, during the Grand National many sportsbooks will give away free wagers that can range from anywhere between £5 and £50. Usually dependent on certain staking conditions, these free bets are a great way for regular punters to add some EV points to their bottom-line.

As you can see, free bets are not only reserved for new players. Although you can enjoy a major bankroll boost when you first register your details with an online site, there are multiple ways to supplement your income as you spend more time online.

Another thing you’ll have probably noticed is that free bets are often unlocked by a deposit. However, this isn’t always the case and it’s worth noting that you will have to at least do something to obtain your gratis cash. However, overall, the process of scooping free bets is extremely easy and something you do at every opportunity if you want to keep your bankroll moving in the right direction.

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